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RFLO provides DMASFlo total station automation solution for the utilities to achieve reliable, efficient operation and maintenance of gas distribution networks.

WEB based architecture allows immediate and easy access to all types of realtime and historical data by utility staff and customers from any location without having to install specific applications for each and every user in the system.

  • Total distribution management and station automation solution
  • WEB platform enables both utility staff and customers to access the relevant information from any location
  • Fast, efficient network operation and management
  • Extensive reports for billing, operation and investment planning
  • Contract management module enables automatic tracking of customer contracts
  • Seamless interface to existing ERP and SCADA systems
  • Integrated mobile maintenance team tracking and management
  • Seamless integration to industry's leading Esgimo workforce management system
  • WEB based remote credit loading
  • Remote shutdown for safety or commercial purposes
  • Automatic, system-wide distribution of gas contents for most accurate measurements

Transfer of realtime and historical measurements and calculations, alarms and events generated at the remote stations, to the multi-user WEB platform. This allows both customers and utility personnel to access their specific information, from any location, providing fast and efficient operation, management and maintenance of the distribution system.

Variety of reports are available to both utility staff and customers. This provides access to processed, ready-to-use information for billing, operation, maintenance and investment planning.

Contract management features include automatic tracking of customer specific criteria and provides immediate notification to related personnel when a violation is detected. It also helps transfer of customer specific information to database to allow WEB based access by billing and contract departments.

Management of mobile maintenance teams is also part of the total solution. Problems at remote sites are automatically detected and transferred to the respective site teams as job orders for immediate attention. Then these job orders are tracked until the problem is solved and job order is closed. All activities are recorded to measure the quality of service and for statistical purposes, i.e., average response times, frequency, type and district of failures, etc.

Online credit transfer to remote customer stations are also part of the solution. When desired, customers for instance can login to the utility or a bank website and buy credit for their metering station. Then the credit automatically transferred to respective meter. Gas flow may be disabled upon consumption of available credit on the remote meter.

Sometimes it is desired to system wide shutdown the gas flow or at a particular station for safety or commercial reasons, i.e., earthquake, leak, delayed collection, etc. RFLO total station automation solution has the answer. By using extensive remote access features of our electronic volume correctors, such operations are as easy as click of a button. Billing department can shutdown a particular remote station for commercial reasons, or maintenance teams can also shutdown a particular station or a district using their mobile terminals or via the WEB when for instance a leak is detected.

Reliability of the information strongly depends on both the quality and precision of the measurements and consequtive calculations be performed based on up to date gas information. RFLO total station automation solution provides automatic collection of gas information from remote stations where gas chromatographs are interfaced to EVCD's and system wide distribution of the information depending on network districts. Usually in a conventional, offline gas distribution system, gas information is manually collected from available gas chromatograph(s) daily. However EVCD's at the remote metering stations never get updated with such current information and continue to perform calculations based on out dated information available usually since their commissioning. To provide more accurate and reliable billing information, RFLO's modern station automation system ensures that the calculations at remote metering stations are always based on most current gas information.

RFLO solution also provides seamless interface to existing ERP and SCADA systems of the utility.

The station automation solution comprises of three main components:

  • Electronic volume correctors at remote customer stations
  • Software applications running on servers and peripherals at the utility operations center
  • Communications media which provides online connection between the remote stations and the operations center

Electronic volume correctors or flow computers refers to RFLO products under Products section.

Software applications at the operations center refers to DMASFlo Distribution Management System which consists of RouterFlo Communications Manager, DMASFlo Channel Manager, DMASFlo WEB, DPFlo ERP Interface Manager, FEPFlo Modbus Gateway and Front-End Processor for SCADA interface, and ConfigFlo Engineering Utility.

Communications media refers mainly to GPRS, EDGE or 3G infrastructure provided by a typical GSM operator.

System architecture diagram below shows main components of the station automation system.

DMASFlo Total Station Automation System Architecture

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